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beauty. health. activism?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

For my first blog post, I thought it was important for me to explore the intersection of beauty, health and activism. With everything going on in the world I have to ask...can beauty and health be used as tools to positively effect change?

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say “we are living in unprecedented times” I would be able to change my name to Tiffany Bezos. All joking aside, the fact is, we really are living through an extraordinary era. It is important to really sit in our circumstances and realize the impact these “unprecedented times” are having on our lives.

We are in the midst of astounding public health pandemics. On one front we are learning how to navigate in the ever-changing world of COVID-19. Wearing masks to go get groceries, scrounging around the local Target for that elusive bottle of Clorox, adjusting to new work from home directives (for some) all while watching the unemployment rate creep higher and higher has been taxing to say the absolute least. But there is a fight that has come to the forefront of the world’s mind as well, a once forgotten fight for some, a fight that people of color were expected to battle in silence, the battle of systemic racism. The hashtags of black and brown women and men have flooded our timelines yet again, but this time feels different. The recent tragedy involving George Floyd, an unarmed black man murdered by police officers in Minneapolis, MN, sparked a fire in the consciousness of our nation. The response of most has been admirable, encouraging and hopeful. People of all colors and creeds who once had no interest in social justice are now finding ways to make a lasting difference. It seems like we are taking the time to effect positive change once and for all. But there are some who do not care to be on the right side of history, whether it be passively or a conscious effort, this has made an already unnecessarily difficult fight even more unbearable.

“there is power in our passion”

All of this is exhausting, but through my exhaustion I can’t help but to think of ways I can make a difference, a lasting difference. I began to search for opportunities to turn my feelings into action. At first I thought it meant I need to be as vocal as possible and speak up in every situation even when I may not be the most educated on the topic. In a weird way, I felt like I was comparing my "wokeness", I felt immense pressure to educate myself on every single thing and when I didn't know something in real time I was ridden with guilt #thanksocialmedia. But a wise woman once told me "we are not omnipotent and all knowing, God is". This really resonated with me, and as my guilt began to slowly subside, I recognized that while this form of activism is powerful and important, I also yearned for something more personal and authentic. I now understand my activism may not look like everyone else’s and there is immeasurable power in that! I have realized there is power in our passion. And my passions are women, beauty and wellness (just to name a few #smile).

the important small steps...

Beauty and wellness may seem trivial on the surface, but they have the power to uplift women in indescribable ways. You know the feeling of gliding that new tube of red lipstick on right before a meeting with the boss? Or riding the high of accomplishment after pushing through that last set of squats? #getitgirl These are small, but important steps we can take as women, especially women of color, to better ourselves and ultimately our community. According to psychologist, Vicky M. Mays PhD, “black women represent the […] group most likely to experience high levels of psychological distress”. Stress is directly linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. And the list goes on and on. This is why I believe self-care through beauty and wellness can directly impact preventative issues plaguing women, our communities and outcomes.

when women thrive, we all thrive

“taking care of ourselves is a true form of activism”

Simply put, when women thrive, we all thrive! When women feel good about themselves and are taking great care of themselves, communities do the same. And what is a better tool than beauty and wellness? Beauty provides opportunities for all women to be creative, expressive and inclusive. Taking charge of our health empowers us write the narrative of our communities in ways that can positively effect generations. When we invest in ourselves and create chances for self-improvement we ultimately uplift those around us and defy the status quo. Taking care of ourselves is a true form of activism!

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Tanya Anderson
Tanya Anderson
03. Aug. 2020

Amazing blog!! I really enjoyed your candor and honesty. I look forward to more. 💕

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